Banker Is Building His Country’s ‘Health Amazon’

Banker Is Building His Country’s ‘Health Amazon’


Online shoppers who live in the USA have adapted new ways of Smarter Online Shopping”. But in the last several years Rocket Internet has also been making a big effort to capitalize on Amazon Pakistan developing economies in Asia, Africa and South America where it faces less competition from incumbents (and Amazon itself), and there are growing pools of newly moneyed consumers coming online for the first time.

One thing you may want to consider is becoming Estonian e-resident at -/e-residents/about/ Then you can set up Estonian company online and while still in EU, which Estonia is part of, you don’t have to pay corporate income tax on your annual profits.

I am US based company that sales since 2009 on ALL Amazon platforms in US, Canada and all amazon in EU. Unfortunately for US bank system regulations we buy most of our goods from Pakistan and in the past due to our high volume business and wire transfers to Pakistan few of US banks ( TD, Chase and others ) closed our business accounts.

Even if PayPal were to look at Pakistan (i.e. to study the possibility of entering the market) it will be most likely during the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2016 and if they assigned it as a priority market to enter, the likelihood of them starting operation would be 2017 (if not 2018).

Being an online store, the biggest challenge that faced was maintaining two separate portals for its prescription, and consumer health and OTC products (). This was primarily driven by limitations on online marketing for e-tail stores selling prescription items.