Easy To Follow Method For Cracked Screen Repair

In any laptop device, Liquid Crystal Display known as LCD is taken to be one of the most sensitive parts of the laptop device. It can easily face the cracks if you ar mishandling the laptop or even dropping it on the floor. This is mainly because of the reason that the laptop screen is basically made from the sensitive crystal that can break easily. If you do face the cracked screen then you can easily repair it all the way by undergoing with the removal or the replacement of the screen. You can either get the replacement screens from the shops or can even search from online sites too.


Are you planning to try with the screen cracked repair with your own self help? If yes, then we are sure that this post will be coming across as a lot informative for you. Here we will be explaining step by step details to repair screen of cracked laptop:

Step No 1: Firstly, you should be turning off the computer all the way through the operating system. You should be carefully unplugging all the cables along with the external devices from the laptop. Now you should be carefully removing the battery just as at the pack from the bottom of the laptop. You might not be aware of the fact that the battery pack is usually held in location by one or two release buttons.

Step No 2: In the next step, you will be pulling the display panel of the laptop for opening it. You should make the easy use of the thin, flat-head screwdriver so that you can easily pry the rubber screw covers from the laptop’s front bezel. Now you should be easily removing off with the Phillips-head screws from the place of the bezel, and then you will be going to remove the bezel from the display.

Step No 3: As you are moving to the 3rd step you should be loosing and removing off the Phillips-head screws from each single portion of the LCD screen. Now you should be holding the top edge of the LCD screen and carefully tilt it forward. You should make the use of the tape so that it would hence secures the LCD cable to the screen. Now slowly lift the broken screen out of the laptop and throw it away.

Step No 4: Now its time to put the replacement screen on top of the laptop! For this purpose, you would be connecting the LCD video cable to the connector just as on the back of the screen. Now you should secure the cable to the back of the screen by the way of making the use of some of the small strips of electrical tape. You should fasten up the screen to the display panel in the company of the Phillips-head screws that came into the coverage of the replacement screen.

Step No 5: On the last step of the method just visit website tutorial. You should be placing all the bezel on the top of the newly screen of laptop. You should also replace the bezel’s retaining Phillips-head screws all along with the setting of the rubber screw covers. In all this method, do not forget to replace the battery pack, and reconnect all cables to the laptop.