Maintain Your Fitness With These Model Treadmills

In today’s world, the wild work schedules do not allow people to work out. People don’t have time to keep a check on their fitness regularly. Most people today are working and this gives them more stress. They need to maintain their fitness in a regular manner in order to reduce the stress and maintain their body in a healthy manner. Treadmills come first in this and it is one of the best choices while thinking about the fitness equipment. It is useful for anyone who wants to keep a check on their physical functioning. While choosing a treadmill, you have to consider a number of factors in mind such as:

  • Cost of the treadmill
  • Its horsepower
  • Its warranty and guarantee
  • Additional features

Following are the list of the best treadmill for home use in India.

Afton M7 treadmill

This is a motorized treadmill of the Afton boasts. This treadmill comes with a price of Rs. 54,999 and it has a number of features. It offers speed range from 0.8 km/hr to 16 km/hr. The motor power of this treadmill is 2 HP which is suitable for heavy exercises.

Users can change the angle of incline using the control panel and it support a weight of 150 kg. It also has a heat rate sensor which is placed on the hand rest on the side.

Kobo magnetic foldable jogger

This model treadmill is suitable for people those who want to buy the best treadmill and to burn some carbs. The cost of this treadmill is just 10, 999 only and it is useful for people who cannot pay for motorized treadmills but want a treadmill. It can be operated manually and it is lightweight and small in design. So, it does not require much space and it comes with a 3 level adjustable incline.

Healthgenie 4112M treadmill

This Healthgenie treadmill comes with a host of features and it is available for Rs. 30, 999. The price of this treadmill is fair because it is a motorized treadmill and it is best for jogging as it goes up to 12 km/hr. This treadmill has a maximum power of 2 HP and it can support the weight of up to 150 kg.

Afton M5 treadmill

The price of this treadmill is Rs. 37, 999 and it offers reliable performance to the user. This is also a motorized treadmill and contains 10 inclination levels. It allows the user to change between light and intense workouts. Also, it allows users to jog up to a speed of 12 km/hr and supports a weight of 100 kg.

Afton XO-300 treadmill

It has variable power supply, the minimum power supply is 1.5 HP and maximum is 3.5 HP. It has 3 different inclination levels and allows you to jog at a speed of 16 km/hr and suitable for fast paced jogging.