Top 5 Best 5-Star Rated Inverter AC in India 2017

Are you looking for new air conditioner this summer? If so, it is recommended to prefer inverter air conditioners as they are extra durable and they can save more on electricity bills. They have just been introduced in India and got good response. In most areas where power fluctuation is common in India, inverter air conditioners can prevent damage due to low or high voltage. Here are some of the best 5 star rating inverter AC in India 2017.

Blue Star 3CNHW18CAF/U Inverter AC

It is one of the most preferred Blue Star model. With 1.5 tons of energy capacity, it has sustainable 40 dB of noise level. It has all the modern features. It has cool mode, dry mode, and fan mode. It comes with filters like anti-acarian filter, cateching filter, silver ion filter, anti bacterial filter, dust filter, and active carbon filter. These filters can provide healthy and clean air. Anti freeze thermostat and anti-flow direction control are some common features.

Voltas DC Inverter 12V DY Inverter Split AC

This DC Inverter comes from Voltas brand. It comes with 1 ton of capacity and it has 40 dB of noise level. It has 230 volts of voltage capacity and 1118 watts of power capacity. It has best compressor to provide superfast cooling and it works on cross flow air vent technology to provide cooling in all corners. It has silver ion filter to resist microbial attacks and it is anti-bacterial.

LG BSA181BE Inverter V Split AC

This LG AC is well known for its design and it is very stable. Inverter saves enough of energy in this AC and it holds 1.5 tons of capacity. It has 29 db of noise level with some filters. It uses new jet cool technology to provide instant cooling. It uses monsoon technology to provide proper cooling in high humidity. It uses multi floor condenser to make it more conventional and advanced than extra condenser.

Panasonic CS-YS24RKY

It is another super cool AC. It comes in 2 tons of capacity and 47 db of noise level. It has 230 volts of control voltage and 1950 watts of power wattage. It comes with auto restart facility and the timer. The condenser is made of timer and has rotary condenser. It also includes free installation from the store.

Samsung AR18KV5HBTR

This anti-bacterial modern AC provides filtration through anti-bacterial filter which is fitted inside the outer part. It comes with auto restart to make it extremely advanced. It also has sleep activation and consists of BLDC compressor along with rotator compressor. It has 5000 watt of cooling capacity with 1310 watt of power usage. It comes with 5 years of warranty. It is one of the best air conditioners in the market.